Full Moon Scorpio- Buddha Blesses The Earth on Wesak

Dear Ones,

Today is a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio in the month of Taurus.

I definitely felt a big power surge in my body when it was exact and flimmering light codes in my third eye.

Buddha came to bless the earth and we will be fine if we don’t buy into the fear programs created by non- astute and ignorant ones. They need to  be blessed even more to be put in positions of harmlessness and exposed for the their crimes to Humanity. It is being taken care of by many lighted ones on earth and in higher dimensions.


Scorpio is Truth and the exposer and transformer. Scorpio will make you see your real face , its self recognition.

With Pluto Saturn and Jupiter next to each other , it’s really the TOWER and HANGED MAN card ..everything must be turned upside down and non functional systems must implode. It’s happening and better systems must be built by all of us in our own lives and by us participating in governments and agencies for the betterment of society, to create a “love and kindness”,compassionate and cooperative society. No more egocentricity and selfish living. It is the time of the song IMAGINE by John Lennon..all people sharing all the world.

Think about your life and how you can serve the greater good for EARTH and HUMANKIND..review and create a new way of living. release the old outdated ways of your life and behavior . Help yourself by knowing your true self  and loving you and then help others. 

I suggest you all chant these days OM MANI PEME HUNG mantra for humanity as well as KADOISH KADOISH KADOISH Adonai Tsabayoth ..find these mantras on youtube and others you know. Just OMming is good too for longer periods. chanting lifts you and your neighborhoods and cities and country.

Here is a blog About the legend of WESAK or VESAK. follow it and recite the Decree from Tibetan Master Djwal Khul which you will see on the next link.

OM MANI PEME HUNG is a healing chant to release mind Poisons of humanity and others


Kyria Aluela


I am available for Private counseling and healing..see my homepage for more info.
WESAK blog



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