You have no need of fear, or of defenses.

Jesus through John Smallman

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Friday January 22nd
Here in the spiritual realms, where all of you truly reside in every moment of your eternal existence, we watch with joy as you resolve and intend to move ever more fully into your natural state as beings of Love.

It is a state you have never left, and never could leave, but you have – through your choice to experience as real as possible a state of separation from God, and therefore from each other – hidden from yourselves your divine and eternal connection to Source. Consequently you feel alone, small, and insignificant in the vast universe in which it seems humanity’s planet, Earth, although large in relation to each of you, is itself utterly insignificant. A planet that could itself be instantly destroyed by collision with some rogue and wandering celestial body. Your security as humans on the planet truly appears…

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God’s message to you, delivered through many messengers and in many forms is that you are Love.

From John Smallman

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday January 26th

Things on Earth are not as dark as they appear.  Enormous changes are in progress, as you well know, and as these are implemented they are causing a certain amount of disturbance and confusion in the planetary economic and political fields.  It appears to many of you that you are on an extremely fast “roller-coaster ride” that is out of control and in danger of crashing.  Hold on to your hats, as you remind yourselves yet again that God’s divine plan is unfolding exactly as He intends.

All you have to do, and you do have to do it, is intend to be loving in every moment and in every situation.

Do not allow fear to distract you from this, because it is a major part of your life’s earthly purpose.  Just keep briefly renewing that intention throughout the day while standing in…

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YOUR NEW WORLD – Deine Neue Welt

by Kyria Hava Kyrie



sun heart love ocean violet

Now that Mercury retrograde has turned you inside out and upside down…dissolving your old self and world…what is now?

It is time, to look into your heart and find out what it wishes to feel joyful. The new life ahead of you, is for you to create from your heart. Your new world is in your hands which are the extension of your heart. Love and Joy is electromagnetic. Your JOY is powerful and radiates out into the world and cosmos to shift and heal all that needs it and will attract only good things.

-Kyria Hava Kyrie


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DEINE NEUE WELT – von Kyria Hava Kyrie

Jetzt dass der rückläufige Merkur dich auf den Kopf gestellt und von innen nach aussen gedreht hat, um dein altes ICH und Welt aufzulösen, was is jetzt?

Es es Zeit, in deinem Herzen zu gehen und zu horchen was es sich wünscht um glückselig zu sein. Das neue Leben vor dir, ist für dich vom Herzen zu gestalten. Deine neue Welt ist in deinen Händen, die eine Verlängerung und Ausdehnung deines Herzens sind.  Liebe und Freude ist elektromagnetisch und kraftvoll und strahlt weit in die Welt und Kosmos hinaus und erreicht alles was Heilung und Transformation braucht und zieht nur gutes an.

Kyria Hava Kyrie

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I AM Enlightening – Diary


I AM writing this diary because like you I AM enlightening.

“WE are Krishna, WE are The Christ, WE are the Buddha.
Seek refuge in Krishna, the Buddha, the Christ Within.There is Our Salvation.”


Diary of Week of Jan 11th



During the night I AM awoken by Our Divine Mother. I AM Guan Yin in the dream. I speak three words. I AM. TERRA. Then my consciousness flows out into the earth. I can feel Her vibrations, Her sounds, Her manifestations. Her oceans, trees and flowers. Her Heart. I AM GAIA. Then the vibration continues and forms a mantra. I AM. OM. I AM. OM.
Our Divine Mother speaks to my SELF, Guan Yin and tells me of the importance of pure vibration and love.The need for consciousness on this planet to resonate with the mantra, the sound current or seed sound.There are many mantras we can use. We can make any mantra our own. I chant the mantra during the next day continuously for 24 hours. That is my practice. Try it if your heart guides you. For as long as your heart beats. Or even just for 1 hour. Continuously. After 3 hours of chanting this morning Avalokiteshvara appears to me. The energy is so deep and pure and loving. Deity manifesting in front of me as clear as you or me.


Here are some mantras we can use.


The legendary Japanese Shingon monk Kukai, an engineer and healer who is responsible for many of the Buddhist temple buildings you witness throughout Japan, chanted the Ākasagarbha mantra continuously in mountain regions I have visited in Japan, leading to his vision that changed the course of spirituality throughout Japan in the 9th century.


  • I AM THAT I AM – Ehyeh ašer ehyeh (Hebrew Name of God)
  • OM
  • Om priyah suray Om (Tareth Alchemical Language of Source)
  • Allah, Allahu Akbar (God is Great)
  • Make me a channel of your peace


Mantras are given from many paths because as the Dalai Lama says, common feats like healing, longevity, manifestation and uncommon feats like the realization of Buddhahood or Christ Consciousness depend upon mantra or prayer practice. The lives of all the great buddhas, saints and masters show this. The use of mantras continuously like Kukai, during the stage of generation of bliss and wisdom, accomplish actual exalted wisdom of bliss and emptiness, through which the supreme Buddhahood and Christ Consciousness is realized. Mantras and prayers work. That is why they are given to us. They are one way of taking you home.
In the meditation on the next night I ‘awake’ and am surrounded by diamond lights. The Elders whom we also call The Archangels. Magnificent. I hear Tareth’s voice speaking an invocation. “Return home”. When the Grail Crystal sound plays I am IN the Grail Crystal cave. It is so sudden and linked to the other crystals hidden on this planet as planted by the Elders, in the Christ Grid. The Crystal Cave is an egg shape. Then Light pours in from above. Twin jets of light shoot up either side of my spine. This reveals a Presence, a Voice that says, “There are many paths”.
The next day I meditate and as if in response to The Elders, I am gifted a pure vision of the Buddhas of 1000 Sahasra Realms. There is magnificence in this timelessness. It is the first time the Sahasra Cosmology is revealed to me by Our Mother.

I pray:

Divine Mother, may thy love shine forever on this sanctuary of my devotion, so that I may awaken thy love in all hearts.



Diary of January 16th

This morning I sit again and I enter the womb of Divine Mother. It is an extraordinary experience of going back into Her Womb, not a physical womb but a womb of Light, a Divine Rebirth. It shakes me to the core. I can realize the diamond consciousness and understand I can enter that at will with practice. The diamond consciousness is a pure diamond star more brilliant than any star seen with the naked eye and is a portal within the emptiness of pure being to timeless wisdom.

What I am sharing, we cannot imagine. It is literally not within the capacities of our imagination or visualization. The imagination and visualization are all within the reams of the mind, of thought, and these experiences are beyond the mind and thought. This is why it is so vital to free ourself of the mind. When these experiences happened I literally could not believe it. I was speechless at the awesome limitless power of Our Infinite Divine Nature.
Imagination and visualization can be used in a creative way to activate the qualities and consciousness of the deity we wish to emulate. This is the path of deity yoga.
I realize the power of Divine Mother, Her Love, the I AM consciousness, the emptiness of pure existence, is enhanced by compassion for all beings on all the worlds. I realize that power within us brings about the state of perpetual help and healing and joy of Buddhahood and the divine love of Christ Consciousness, the great bliss of Krishna Consciousness. I am surrounded by the Elders, in and around my heart, an eight petalled lotus of crystal sound, form and formlessness with a central crystal flame. It is overwhelming and indestructible, pure, limitless light and consciousness.

Bhagavati Prajna Paramita Hridaya

The Blessed Mother is the Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom.
I AM, She who gives birth to us all, aryas, noble beings.
Trust your Inner Heart, Noble Beings. These new energies bring all of humanity into the realms of Our most fervent wish. To be still and know I AM. We are One with the Blessed Mother through conscious choices and creations, through our Presence, by moment to moment awareness of how important our co-creation is to our fellow beings, this planet and the many worlds we serve.We carry the golden flame of the enlightenment of the Blessed Mother within us Dear Ones, aryas, Noble Beings.

Let it shine!

Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in Divinity.

Love and Blessings from the Source.

via Altair  & Guan Yin


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Truth of Your Spirit Existence,Blueprint,Codes, Waves… – Messages from The Tsolians

Reminder and Reflection of the Moment from the ‘Tsolians’

January 11, 2016 – Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont

Note from Méline: This is a message that may have to been read a few times to truly absorb this in our being. If you find it too hard to take in or understand, I advice to let it be for a while until you are ready to grasp this better on another now moment. Who are the Tsolians? The Tsolians are a Galactic Group of the Delta Quadrant…. see their first two messages below this one. 

It is time that we speak and elaborate more, further and deeper on the truth of your existence. We do not speak about the human existence but of that of your Spirit, which you call Essence, Self or Higher Self. Existence is a word on its own, unique in its way and so broad in its meaning. It consists of all that IS and simultaneously it can be a unique and single word on its own.

814a5d_692fd4b3516f447399ec84319817d067.jpgPicture credit: Dark_matter_stride_by_tchaikovsky

It is from that existence that all and everything came through into boundaries, into depths, into heights and into weight. Existence has started to take on forms of consciousness, forms of separation, forms of individuals, as well as Rays, Light, Dark, vibrations and frequencies. It is that where we all are formed from and are birthed through and from. Even Love has been birthed from existence as existence is life force and, just as everything else, Love was born from the life force of existence to experience that Love and seed everything else from the vibration, known as the All That Is.

Dark matter contains in truth the creation of all, or better said that Source which allows existence to even BE. It is that existence, which we all are made from, that became all out of the nothingness which is allness at once : Omnil (All – nothingness).
So as you venture forth in the different realities and planes of existence, you receive certain degrees of individual prospects on whether creation in its form and reality is a part of your existence or that of another that forms existence along with you. Dubious issue isn’t it? It is that which we call the mystery of all, which we maintain in the Self as we are all made of this. Still it is incomprehensible at your level of being to truly evoke this.

It is through the merging again with Spirit that you are being infused with the Sacred blueprint where your Self is birthed from existence and as allowance is in its full Grace on its now momentum, we access the key of this existence step by step. Invoke this through your being and you become its consciousness back into its natural state.

It is while reaching out with the fingertips that you can now start to feel its warmth of illumination of what existence truly is. Your demands are being answered graciously through your own Self. If you would find your Self again in dark matter, where would you be and go? All, everywhere and nowhere. Is it something that would feel familiar to you right now in this instant if you would be Dark matter again? That is why we say to appreciate the time and the processes you go through, to experience existence in all its myriads forms and flavors, vibrations and frequencies, for you are existence and the force of life.
Existence on your planes and Earthly realities are now drastically shifting into other ways of experience through existence, as the old energies that have been used to form this duality existence are merging again with the Sol energies of the Cosmic Source which allows another frequency and Ray of particles to emanate through your consciousness and to even “embody” this.
It is with the force of all existence that Dark matter, the origin and source of All That Is, emanates the experiences through various life forces, through levels of consciousness and through vibrations. Therefore the life force is actually a reason to exist in the first place, which seeds the existence to BE. Life force is the first energy atomic vibration that is birthed out of the Dark matter as a breath of creation, for life force is the basis of existence as nothing can exist without it.
Dark matter is not associated with the dark aspects of creation and of life; it is called Dark matter because it holds everything together and there is no particle of light to be seen there as light too is a creation and existence that was birthed out of the source of Dark matter as a vibration and form of denser light. We call this denser light as everything that comes from the Source and has separated itself from the Source to experience and to exist as a separate consciousness from the Source is denser on its own than the original Source of it.
The atomic structures of Light are particles that are accelerating their speed of creation and life force, which makes it visible as a blueprint. Although Light is the highest frequency you can abide in at this time, you will see that there is a much higher frequency that does not contain light because its structure and blueprint are of pure life force which is a consciousness on its own and which creates all consciousness.
In fact there is no higher rate for it is the human brain constructs of seeing everything in levels and rates as in Source there is no level and all IS one and the same. It is that consciousness that some of you are already able and start to “grasp” as you embody that particle of your being, for yes you have this all within you somewhere along the line.
It is with the truest pleasure and blessings that we come forth with this sharing for you all. Until next time when we will speak of the Rays of consciousness.
The Tsolians




Tsolians speak about the Replicator – July 26, 2014
Méline: This is a short message from the Tsolians of the Delta Quadrant about what a replicator is, after a friend of mine asked about it.

Greetings beloved,

The replicator, what is been spoken of to you, is a technology that is based on the sun’s particles of Light that merge and re-blend with the atom’s atmosphere in order to form a creation into existence. It is a formula of destination and emergence of certain atomic atmospheres that are sub merged with the incoming light particles of the Sun, whose particles infuse the seeded atomic structures as to how creation is formed.

It is quite an understanding by you to be able and infuse this information and process it through the mind of your human vessel. The elaboration is done by heart and it is with this merging of your human vehicle atomic vessel and your Galactic consciousness that you are able to tap into these waves of vibration and information.. more is to come as you embody this consciousness in the heart and as you level up your vehicle into a Galactic nature.

Welcome to your Galactic consciousness

The Tsolians

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The Tsolians ~ Integration of the Infrared Spectrum formation

Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont



Greetings to you,

Today we wish to speak with you about the integrations of the Infrared Spectrum. We have spoken of this before in one of our first messages and we will elaborate on this matter now a little bit more profoundly. The infrared spectrum is capable of providing you with a certain degree of illumination as it contains fractals and a diaphragmatic composition that such views of other vibrations may become your reality and senses. (“diaphragmatic meaning that it vibrates as a response to certain waves and brings out signals or to produce waves”)

It is a spectrum one integrates at this time to be able and perceive other worlds and parallel realities such as your own Dimensional homes and beings. It allows one to lift up the veils and to see/perceive beyond the gamma waves into a more profound vibrating frequency, which is the core of every Ray/wave and formation of Light. The invisible waves and frequencies are only able to be perceived when such Infrared spectrum is fully integrated and activated within one’s own mind and eyes along with the awakening of the Inner eye.

It is not so much to take in these waves, for one must know that the infrared Spectrum already is a part of you and always has been. Yet it has been unawakened and not able to fully function in your physical bodies and realities. Now that new vibrations and Rays are taking their role to function on this plane of Earth, there are new frequencies available and arising which bring in new codes to seed upon one’s mental plane, emotional plane, ethereal plane and physical plane: namely the cellular structure, the brain waves and the DNA.

These new seeded codes which come from ethereal planes and other Dimensions, are able to convey information through you and thus your bodies and energy consciousness are taking those in: absorbing and digesting this all. It is these codes, given to you, that are awakening and activating the Infrared spectrum which resides in all of you already.

This becomes possible for you now once again, for the energies on your Earth are able to bring this forth and are able to sustain this for all who linger in that part of the consciousness of Self realization and Self embodiment. The more one realizes the Self the more he/she shall come to see the Self and that surpasses the many waves you have come to know. This is what the infrared spectrum does: to filter through all of the Rays and to see the core and the essence of all reflected from the inner vision.

You, who are there already, shall start to see movements around you in such a detailed manner as if you see it with your physical eyes. Nevertheless it is not with the physical eyes you come to see, rather it is the inner eye which is reflecting its vision onto you. You come to proceed in those radical changes as to where you start to sense all with the inner Heart and perceive with the inner eye. It is an eye that sees all as it is without all of the layers that form the disguise; it sees only the true core underneath it.
This is because you are releasing all the layers you have formed around the Self and have taken for reality. You are awakening from Within and you are paying your attention to that instead of that which is without. You are realizing that all of your world and reality has been playing within you all along and that the Universe dwells within you. Expand from your inner to the outer and not from your outer to a further layer of your outer world. You will run into a border, a layer of consciousness that will reflect to you in the hard way that all is within. It will send you back to where you came from and tell you to find it there, to spend your energy and time there and to explore yourself.


The infrared Spectrum is a consciousness that can form into waves and frequencies, illuminating all that is unseen for the eyes. When the inner eye awakens and changes within, it fully activates through the dormant codes that are awakening at the same time. A radiant Fire of energy spins, it illuminates and it nurtures its seeds that are held within. These are the seeds of the Infrared spectrum that lie dormant within the center of your Third eye, your Heart, your DNA and your pineal gland. Those seeds are now brought to an opportunity to awaken fully through the codes that are given at this time.

It is achieved through a deeper awakening and a full realization of the Self, for minds who are still seeking all without, the Spectrum shall not fully awaken nor activate. For firstly one needs to awaken to the knowing that all lies within and realize this to awaken his/her power.

This lies all into your own hands, yet it is here available to work with. We come to assist you in this and to pass on the seeds of that form of illumination. One who activates his/her infrared spectrum within may have the experience of a full vibrating spine, as the spine is the mediator for all energy processes and integrations towards and from the heart, the brain and all other chakra’s/organs. The Heart may feel different to you and pulsating a bit more than usual, the brain may feel pitching at the Pineal gland area and the Pituitary gland, your eyes may perceive new things and have a more blurry view in your direct surrounding. Your Third eye will vibrate and pulsate more and have a strong magnetic wave as it awakens to its full potential.

We come to offer you the Keys to Universal wisdom and to awaken the keys of the infrared spectrum biological devices within you. Our light tones shall prove to be of assistance to you in this process, it is here for you if you wish to accept it as a gift.

Music by Aeoliah ~ Out of Silence (website:

The Tsolians

You want to be able and channel as well and enjoy to bring forth your inner wisdom as a being of Light? I offer a channeling course that assists you in the process of connecting with your Higher Self through deep Self work based on a foundation of self experience gained in my channeling process of years.

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Higher Self Compass & Friend – Das Höhere Selbst, Kompass & Freund




– Asana Mahatari  ( St Germain ) – 19. JAN. 2016

OMNI I AM Expand consciousness soul

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl

Beloved Ones,

Create inner calm, go into inner silence, center yourself
in the realm of peace that expands in your soul and only
waits for you to come in.

The outer world gets increasingly restless, because the world
is lifted out of its hinges, the events gain in power and begin
to condense; rarely a day, when massive steps toward
transformation do not occur, rarely an hour that is free
of reflections and rarely a moment which lets you come
to peace in the outer.

Appeal for Daily Meditation

Therefore in this message I appeal to you to meditate daily.
Connect yourself daily with the Source until the constant
connection and fusion has been attained.

You will never lose your orientation in the coming
days, if you are in the command center of your Being.

Out of the center of your soul you can clearly discern,
because the great time of deceptions has begun, when
the cheats of this world want to secure their power using
their last array and in their last desperation.

Ask for Insight

Rise up! Recognize your position in this game.
If you are uncertain of your assignments, so ask the
spiritual realms of Light for insight. The knowledge
about what you have to do today, here and now, is
of great significance. In your tasks let yourself be guided
by intuition, and entrust your Higher Self with the direct
guidance in all affairs of earthly life.

You have a best friend! A friend, who never leaves you,
never yields from your side, never follows other or even
selfish interests: The Higher Self.
The Higher Self is the compass of your life, the
navigator through time and the anchor in stormy sea.
Orient yourself entirely toward the inside, and act in the
outer world from the inside.
If fears show up, accept them and with consciousness work
dissolve them. Always look at what it is, what is in you and
what occurs in the outer world. Do not suppress, cover up,
hide or deny anything. What appears wants to be perceived –
and everything that appears, wants to be recognized! After
that the healings begin, after that everything can be given.
The fears yield the more you deal with your fears, single-
mindedly recognize them as illusion and dissolve them.

Look there!

Do not look away, as images of destruction,
suffering and hate reach you – look at it.
Accept the task to rise above the lower vibrating
energies, whereby you care for redemption with
meditation and due to direct devotion to God’s Light.

Mother Earth recirculates, is put from inside to
outside and mankind loses a foothold. All?
No, those, who are grounded in God remain
standing on firm ground of Mother Earth;
upright like an unswerving warrior in the storm.

Grounding due to God’s Light, grounding due to God’s Love,
grounding due to the awareness that your home is in Heaven
and not on earth.

Mother Earth has begun with the destruction of all lower
energies. This has the consequence of riots and fights,
changes in the environment and conflicts on all levels of

If the chaff separates from the wheat, it cannot remain
unnoticed if the ones swing up and the others swing
down; this leaves obvious traces behind.

Deep in your heart rests your divinity and the vast
soul invites you to enter into this kingdom of peace.
And while a storm rages outside, the days pass; your
Being is nurtured from the Source of all Life and you
mature into an immortal divinity. In Eternity.

God is with us and alive in you.

I am

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

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medit high self I AM


19. JANUAR 2016


Geliebte Menschen!

Schafft innerlich Ruhe, kehrt innerlich in die Stille ein,
zentriert euch im Friedensreich, das sich in eurer Seele
weitet und nur darauf wartet, von euch betreten zu werden.

Die äußere Welt wird zunehmend unruhiger, da die Welt aus den
Angeln gehoben wird. Die Ereignisse gewinnen an Kraft und beginnen
sich zu verdichten – kaum noch ein Tag, an dem sich nicht massive
Schritte zur Transformation ereignen; kaum noch eine Stunde, die
von Spiegelungen frei ist und kaum noch ein Moment, der dich im
Außen zum Frieden kommen lässt.

Appell zur täglichen Meditation

Daher richte ich in dieser Botschaft den Appell an euch, täglich
zu meditieren. Verbindet euch täglich mit der Quelle, bis die
konstante Anbindung erreicht ist.

Befindet ihr euch in der Kommandozentrale, im Zentrum
eures Wesens, dann werdet ihr in den kommenden Tagen
niemals die Orientierung verlieren.

Aus dem Zentrum eurer Seele heraus könnt ihr klar unterscheiden;
denn die Zeit der großen Täuschungen, indem die Falschspieler
dieser Zeit mit letztem Aufgebot und letzter Verzweiflung ihre
Macht absichern wollen, hat begonnen.

Bittet um Erkenntnis

Erhebt euch! Erkennt euren Platz in diesem Spiel.
Seid ihr euch eurer Aufgaben ungewiss, so bittet die geistigen
Ebenen des Lichts um Erkenntnis. Das Wissen, was ihr heute
hier und jetzt zu tun habt, ist jetzt von großer Bedeutung.
Lasst euch intuitiv zu euren Aufgaben leiten und überantwortet
eurem Hohen Selbst in allen Belangen die direkte Führung in
eurem irdischen Leben.

Ihr habt einen besten Freund! Einen Freund, der euch
niemals verlässt, niemals von der Seite weicht, niemals
anderen oder sogar eigennützigen Interessen folgt:
das Hohe Selbst.
Das Hohe Selbst ist der Kompass eures Lebens,
der Navigator durch die Zeit und Anker auf
stürmischer See.

Richtet euch ganz nach innen aus und wirkt
von innen heraus in der äußeren Welt.

Zeigen sich Ängste, nehmt sie an und löst sie durch die
Bewusstseinsarbeit auf. Blickt immer auf das hin, was ist,
was in euch und in der äußeren Welt geschieht. Verdrängt
nichts, vertuscht nichts, versteckt nichts, verleugnet nichts.
Alles, was sich zeigt, was aus dem Unbewussten ins Bewusstsein
rückt, will wahrgenommen werden. Danach beginnen die Heilungen,
danach kann alles gegeben werden. Die Ängste werden weichen,
je mehr ihr euch mit den Ängsten auseinandersetzt, sie
zielgerichtet als Illusion erkennt und auflöst.

Blickt hin!

Blickt nicht weg, so euch Bilder der Zerstörung,
des Leides und des Hasses erreichen – blickt hin.
Nehmt die Aufgabe, sich über niedrigschwingende
Energien zu erheben, an, indem ihr durch Meditation
und durch die direkte Hingabe an das Licht Gottes für
Erlösung sorgt.

Mutter Erde wälzt sich um, wird von innen nach außen
gestülpt und die Menschheit verliert den Boden unter
den Füßen. Alle? Nein, jene, die in Gott geerdet sind,
bleiben auf dem festen Boden von Mutter Erde stehen –
aufrecht, wie unerschütterliche Krieger im Sturm.

Erdung durch das Licht Gottes, Erdung durch die
Liebe Gottes, Erdung durch das Bewusstsein, das
deine Heimat im Himmel und nicht auf der Erde ist.
Mutter Erde hat mit der Zerstörung aller niedrigen
Energien begonnen. Das hat Ausschreitungen und Kämpfe,
Umweltveränderungen und Konflikte auf allen Ebenen
der Gesellschaft zur Folge.

Wenn sich die Spreu vom Weizen trennt, kann das nicht
unbemerkt bleiben; wenn sich die Einen erheben und die
Anderen abschwingen, dann hinterlässt dies deutliche

Tief in deinem Herzen ruht deine Göttlichkeit und die
weite Seele lädt dich ein, in dieses Friedensreich einzutreten.
Während es draußen stürmt, vergehen die Tage.
Dein Wesen wird genährt von der Quelle allen Lebens
und du reifst zur unsterblichen Gottheit heran.
In Ewigkeit.

Gott ist mit uns und lebendig in Dir.

Ich bin

Jahn J Kassl

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Violet FLAME Solar Crystal Invocation

Violet FLAME Solar Crystal Invocation

from Rysa5  – Jan 18, 2016

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Invocation I AM one with all humanity and through and in the name of my I AM Presence, and behalf of all humanity.

 I AM the fifth dimensional, crystalline solar violet consuming flame drawn from the heart of God blasting through this Earth and all upon and within it with the light of a thousand suns – blasting through every condition, person, place and thing, past, present and future, all time/space continuums, known and unknown, annihilating, dissolving and consuming all cause, effect, record and memory of our belief in separation from God and each other and all the subsequent survival mechanisms that have lead to every single discordant mis-creation for which we are responsible.

I AM invoking the entire Company of Heaven to magnify this Violet Consuming Flame to the fullest extent that humanity can withstand, every minute of every day and

I AM this law of transmutation self-sustained until every single aspect of God evolving upon this precious Earth is free and ascended in his or her own Mighty I Am Presence.

I AM instantly replacing all that is dissolved and consumed with the immaculate concept of the Cosmic Light of the Cosmic Christ and the deepest desire within each of us to honor, respect and revere all life, as it is all God.

I accept that this is done now.



“Copy this invocation and send it out to those you feel would take the opportunity to serve. Even if it is read, one must engage the emotional body to set in motion” – Rysa 



Purification is a process of spiritual regeneration Consciousness initiates a cleansing invocation Solar Crystal Violet Flame.

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2016: Major Causes of Misery End – Ursachen des Leidens Enden


In 2016 all the major causes of human misery will end.

2016 werden alle größeren Ursachen für menschliches Elend enden ( deutsch unten)

January 10, 2016 via John Smallman


The New Year of 2016 has started well. Much of importance is happening in preparation for the events ahead, which will unfold quite dramatically and spontaneously as the Love that so many are now holding and extending to all of humanity brings about the enormous changes necessary for the endemic suffering and poverty of the vast majority on earth to be fully relieved. In 2016 all the major causes of human misery will end. The New Golden Age for humanity has arrived and the first signs, like the first green shoots signaling the arrival of spring after a harsh winter, are about to appear.

Do not allow the negative energies that arise when you see and hear news of intense suffering to drain and exhaust you as you offer love and compassion to those so effected. This occurs whenever you choose to enter into their pain. Why would you choose to enter into another’s pain? Perhaps because you feel somewhat responsible for it? Every human on Earth is following a path chosen with great wisdom and foresight before incarnating. Every single human is precisely where they intended to be as a result of pre-natal choices.

Obviously, for many, these choices have led to intense pain and suffering, but what they are doing, what they have chosen to do – even though awareness of that choice has for the most part been forgotten – is assisting in humanity’s awakening by helping to clear the deep negativity that has built up over the eons so that Love may flow in and bring Light to the dark that has become heavily established in various areas of the world.

In time, in the illusion, there have, over the eons, been many technologically advanced societies on Earth, societies that became so ego-driven and power hungry that they totally forgot their divine origins – all sentient beings were created in Love by God, and so Love remains their true nature – as they played the game of separation from God. As humans, severely limited by the “rules of the game,” they allowed their hearts to close thus hiding from themselves their true nature, and instead developed great (within the pre-set limitations of their human bodies) intelligence that they further developed in order to “win” the game of separation from other like-minded humans. This intelligence – more really a set of very limiting but powerful skills – was used to build nations, cultures, armies, and the necessary weapons to enable them to impose their will on others, by focusing intently on the “so-called” dark or shadow side of their human natures.

Humanity is now collectively working to reach a balance between the dark and the enlightened sides of its nature so that the two sides may become integrated, whereupon the heart will open, or the veil that has hidden the Light will dissolve and the creative abilities of the dark side, overwhelmed and unconditionally accepted by Love, will cease playing the unreal game of separation.

When the game is terminated by humanity’s collective choice, and the opposing sides of your individual human natures combine and integrate, enormous creative abilities and competences will arise enabling you to cooperate in a wondrous state of harmony and very quickly heal all the damage that has occurred over the eons.

Earth yinYangSeparation is a state of disharmony where the yin and yang have moved away from their state of union, have become extremely confused, and have then chosen to see each other as ferocious enemies. This has been pointed out by many sages and wise ones over the eons, and finally the realization of what this means is becoming apparent as the human collective seeks to move lovingly together as recognition of the Oneness of all becomes inescapably apparent.

The divine Reality is the state of Oneness in which all that God creates has its endless and eternal existence. There is no alternate reality or place where, for instance, evil exists. There is only God.

Evil is unreal. However, in the illusion you are playing a game with many facets, and evil is one of those facets. It seems very powerful, but that is only because you fear it. When you open your hearts to the divine field of Love in which you are eternally enveloped fear dissolves. When fear dissolves so does conflict which is but a reaction to fear. It is like waking from a nightmare which is unreal, while in the moment it seems very real, and recognizing it for what it was, whereupon it dissolves and fades from memory (unless you write it down immediately) along with the fear that it engendered.

Humanity’s awakening is the same but on an extremely large scale, and when it is complete there will be no more nightmares to frighten you. The Reality of Love will envelop you in overwhelming joy and the unreality of all your worries, anxieties, and fears then becomes unmistakable as they all fade and are forever lost because they never were.

You are eternal divine beings, infinitely loved by God, the Source of All, and you live – now, in this only moment – in permanent joy. However, by choosing to build and engage with the illusion to attempt to experience a reality separate from Source, you shut out Love by veiling yourselves in an unreal state of darkness and fear. It could best be likened to a small child hiding in a dark closet and terrifying itself even though there is nothing terrifying in there with it. All that frightens you is unreal!

It is unreal because it was unreal when you made it. You made it to play a temporary but frightening game of being separate from Source. But you can never be separate from Source. That is impossible because Source is All that exists.

However over the illusory eons that you have been playing this game its apparent reality has intensified right up until this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution – where spiritual evolution is merely your path to awakening – where you find yourselves no longer willing to undergo the pain and suffering that the game continuously provides. Thus you have, finally, chosen collectively to awaken.

All you need do is open to whatever arises in your lives and realize that that is the path you have chosen to follow to your awakening, and that because your awakening is both your will and God’s then your resounding success is divinely guaranteed and consequently absolutely inevitable. Go within daily, to your holy and sacred altar where the Light of God’s Love burns constantly, and ask for help to awaken, and you will be inundated with help instantly. If you allow it, then you will feel that divine field of Love enveloping and embracing you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

from the blog of John Smallman –


„2016 werden alle größeren Ursachen für menschliches Elend enden”

„JESUS durch John Smallman ~ JANUAR 2016“

Das Neue Jahr 2016 hat gut begonnen. Viel von Bedeutung geschieht in Vorbereitung auf die Ereignisse, die sich ziemlich drastisch und spontan wie die Liebe entfalten, die so viele jetzt halten und auf die gesamte Menschheit ausdehnen. Die enormen Veränderungen sind notwendig, um das endemische Leid und die Armut der großen Mehrheit auf der Erde vollständig zu erleichtern. Im Jahr 2016 werden alle wichtigen Ursachen für das menschliche Elend beendet werden. Das neue Zeitalter für die Menschheit ist angekommen und die ersten Anzeichen, genau wie die ersten grünen Triebe die Ankunft des Frühlings nach einem harten Winter signalisieren, sind dabei zu erscheinen.

Erlaubt nicht den negativen Energien, die entstehen, wenn ihr die Nachrichten von dem intensiven Leiden hört und seht, euch zu entwässern und zu erschöpfen, während ihr jenen Betroffenen Liebe und Mitgefühl sendet. Dies geschieht immer wenn ihr wählt, in ihren Schmerz einzutreten. Warum würdet ihr wählen, in den Schmerz von anderen einzutreten? Vielleicht, weil ihr euch ein wenig verantwortlich dafür fühlt? Jeder Mensch auf der Erde hat einen Weg in großer Weisheit und Weitsicht vor der Inkarnation gewählt. Jeder einzelne Mensch ist gerade dort, wo er sein sollte, eben aufgrund der vorgeburtlichen Wahl.

Auch wenn das Bewusstsein für diese Wahl zum größten Teil in Vergessenheit geraten ist, führte diese Entscheidung in dem was sie taten, zu intensivem Schmerz und Leid ~ die Menschheit in ihrem Erwachen zu unterstützen ~ indem sie die tiefe Negativität, die sich über die Äonen aufgebaut hat klären, so dass die Liebe und das Licht hereinströmen kann in die stark geschädigten Gebiete der verschiedenen Regionen dieser Welt.

Während der Zeit in der Illusion gab es im Laufe der Äonen viele technologisch fortgeschrittene Gesellschaften auf der Erde, Gesellschaften, die so Ego-gesteuert und Macht-hungrig waren, dass sie ihren göttlichen Ursprung völlig vergessen hatten ~ alle fühlenden Wesen wurden in Liebe von Gott geschaffen, und so bleibt die Liebe ihre wahre Natur ~ während sie das Spiel der Trennung von Gott spielten. Als Menschen erlaubt ihr schwerwiegend durch die “Regeln des Spiels” eingeschränkt zu sein, eure wahre Natur in eurem Herzen zu verbergen, stattdessen entwickelt ihr große Intelligenz (innerhalb der vorgegebenen Grenzen eures physischen Körpers), um das Spiel der Trennung von anderen gleichgesinnten Menschen “zu gewinnen”. Diese Intelligenz ~ eine Reihe von sehr einschränkenden aber mächtigen Fähigkeiten ~ wurden benutzt, um Nationen, Kulturen, Armeen und die notwendigen Waffen zu bauen, um ihnen zu erlauben, ihren Willen anderen aufzuerlegen, durch die Konzentration auf die “sogenannte” Dunkelheit oder die Schattenseite ihrer menschlichen Natur.

Earth yinYangDie Menschheit arbeitet jetzt zusammen, um ein Gleichgewicht zwischen der Dunkelheit und der Licht-Seite ihrer Natur zu erreichen, damit die beiden Seiten integriert werden können. Daraufhin wird sich das Herz öffnen, oder der Schleier, der das Licht verborgen hat, wird die dunkle Seite auflösen und die kreativen Fähigkeiten und bedingungslose Liebe annehmen und das unwirkliche Spiel der Trennung wird beendet.

Wenn das Spiel durch die kollektive Wahl der Menschheit beendet wird und die gegenüberliegenden Seiten eurer individuellen menschlichen Naturen sich verbinden und integriert werden, werden enorme kreative Fähigkeiten und Kompetenzen entstehen, die euch ermöglichen, in einem wunderbaren Zustand der Harmonie zusammenzuarbeiten, und sehr schnell wird der ganze Schaden geheilt, der über Äonen aufgetreten ist.

Trennung ist ein Zustand von Disharmonie, aus dem sich Yin und Yang aus ihrem Zustand der Einheit heraus bewegt haben. Sie waren äußerst verwirrt und entschieden, sich gegenseitig als grausame Feinde zu sehen. Darauf wurde von vielen Weisen und Klugen über Äonen hingewiesen, und schließlich wird die Verwirklichung dessen immer offensichtlicher, was dies bedeutet, während sich das menschliche Kollektiv versucht sich zusammen als liebevolle Einheit anzuerkennen.

Die göttliche Wirklichkeit ist der Zustand von Einheit, in der alles was Gott schafft, seine unendliche und ewige Existenz hat. Es gibt keine alternative Wirklichkeit oder Ort, wo z. B. das Böse existiert. Es gibt nur Gott.

Das Böse ist unwirklich. Allerdings spielt ihr in der Illusion ein Spiel mit vielen Facetten, und Böses ist eine jener Facetten. Es erscheint sehr mächtig, aber das ist nur, weil ihr es fürchtet. Wenn ihr eure Herzen für das göttliche Feld der Liebe öffnet, in dem ihr ewig eingehüllt seid, löst sich die Furcht auf. Wenn Furcht sich auflöst, funktioniert kein Konflikt, denn das ist eine Reaktion auf die Furcht. Es ist wie das Aufwachen aus einem Alptraum, der unwirklich ist, während er im Moment sehr real erscheint, und das zu erkennen, was es war, worauf es sich auflöst und aus dem Speicher verschwindet (außer, wenn ihr es sofort aufschreibt), zusammen mit der Furcht, die es erzeugte.

Das Erwachen der Menschheit ist gleich, aber auf einem äußerst großen Maßstab, und wenn es vollständig ist, wird es keine Alpträume mehr geben, die euch erschrecken. Die Wirklichkeit der Liebe wird euch in überwältigende Freude einhüllen und die Unwirklichkeit all eurer Sorgen, Ängste und Befürchtungen werden dann unverwechselbar wie alles verblassen, sind für immer verloren, weil sie nie wirklich waren.

Ihr seid ewige göttliche Wesen, unendlich geliebt von Gott, der Quelle von Allem, und ihr lebt ~ jetzt, in diesem einzigen Moment ~ in ständiger Freude. Allerdings wähltet ihr die Illusion aufzubauen und zu versuchen eine Realität, getrennt von der Quelle und die Liebe zu verschleiern, in einem unwirklichen Zustand der Dunkelheit und Furcht zu leben. Ihr könnt es bestens mit dem Verstecken eines Kindes vergleichen, das sich in einem dunklen Schrank verbirgt und sich erschreckt, auch wenn es nichts Erschreckendes dort gibt. Alles was euch erschreckt, ist unwirklich!

Es ist unwirklich, weil es unwirklich war, als ihr es schafftet. Ihr schuft es als ein vorübergehendes aber furchterregendes Spiel von der Quelle getrennt zu sein. Aber ihr könnt niemals von der Quelle getrennt sein. Das ist unmöglich, weil die Quelle Alles ist, was existiert.

Aber über die illusorischen Äonen, in denen ihr dieses Spiel spieltet, intensivierte sich ihre scheinbaren Realität bis zu diesem Augenblick der spirituellen Entwicklung der Menschheit ~ wo spirituelle Entwicklung lediglich euer Weg zum Erwachen ist ~ in dem ihr euch nicht mehr bereitfindet, den Schmerz und das Leiden zu erfahren, für die das Spiel kontinuierlich sorgte. Und so habt ihr euch schließlich entschlossen kollektiv zu erwachen.

Alles was ihr benötigt ist, offen für alles zu sein, was in eurem Leben entstehen mag und erkennen, dass das der Weg ist, dem zu folgen ihr für euer Erwachen gewählt habt, und das, weil euer Erwachen sowohl euer Wille, als auch der Wille Gottes ist, dessen Erfolg göttlich garantiert und somit absolut unvermeidlich ist. Geht täglich in euren Heiligen Raum und euren Heiligen Altar, wo das Licht der Liebe Gottes ständig brennt und bittet um Unterstützung für euer Erwachen ~ ihr werdet sofort mit Unterstützung überhäuft werden. Wenn ihr es erlaubt, dann werdet ihr fühlen, dass euch das göttliche Feld der Liebe einhüllt und umarmt.
Euer liebender Bruder Jesus

Durch John Smallman

Übersetzung: SHANA –

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29.12. ~ Um zu überleben, begrenzt ihr euer Bewusstsein


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