Liberation – Fire of Soul Sound of Truth & Love – Find Bliss – Merge with Twin Flame

The LIBERATOR – The Fire of Sound of Truth and Love

Dear Ones

Are you tired of confusion, pain, emotional distress and not having compassionate and understanding relationships in your life? What is it in your system that is attracting experiences that do not bring you happiness? You may have old or even ancient wounds stored in your emotional and mental body, possibly from childhood or past incarnations, that created a repetitive pattern of behavior which in turn attracts situations and people to you that reflect your inner traumas and fears. Now it’s enough, isn’t it?

Get freed of your blocks, wounds, pain with sound and holographic energy healing.

Your SOUL is FREE and PURE, just the human experience has created illusions and separation from your true self and cut you off through self judgement, survival fear, lack o trust in the divine and misconceptions caused by non-astute behavior that may be causing deep underlying guilt that is making you feel uneasy and ill.

Specific sound frequencies can be like a sharp needle to burst a balloon of pain and traumatic memories. Colored Light frequency beams in combination with the matching sounds will unravel and burst the misalignment of untruths aka illusion bubbles and free you of your heaviness, even attached cords and entities lodged in your energy System


Receive your SOUL SONG through my 6-7 octave Voice.

I channel your unique sound codes that will assist you in healing and unblocking any hindrances you may feel.

These Soul Sounds will rebirth you to a higher level of your being and consciousness to feel Free and Blissful  as the Light language aka Tongues combined with sound frequencies are understood by your soul and help you synchronize your physical body and mind with your higher self and Lightbody of your soul. Your Soul is a pure crystal diamond and you have a twin soul in higher Dimension also known as a twin flame( read other blogs on this topic in my archive)


I offer Twin Flame  guidance and soul sounds to assist in the connection and merging process to find a human relationship to match you, or to assist with a relationship in process already.

Write me a short email …see my homepage to find it and read about my journey and work with sound and metaphysical tools of the higher masters of light and sound use as provided by the universal  creator spirit.

Email me via homepage to find out how I can assist you in liberating yourself.

It’s time to stop suffering and running around your own tail.

Freedom and Bliss can be yours now.

Om blessings,

Kyria Aluéla

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