New Moon in Sagittarius – Dec 18, 2017

Dear friends,

I share 3 VIDEOS of my favorite Astrologers reports on The New Moon In Sagittarius. 

This is a special New Moon in 26 degrees Sagittarius, as it is aligned with the Galactic core. We also have Venus conjunct to it at 21 Sag. and Saturn is at 29 Sag. getting ready to move to Capricorn its home. Saturn in Sagittarius brought up to the light much hidden things to reveal truth, Once in Capricorn, Sag will wish to stand tall and stabilize new structures. So for you its time to let all untruths and illusions go now and stand up to be your authentic self.

Sagittarius is wisdom, joy, fun, spirituality…its a fire sign …likes to travel, fly, move and speak frankly and truthfully. Sagittarius is a Humanitarian, loves and protects all and animals as well. Sagittarius is a GURU and your inner teacher. You can now find your own philosophy and true spiritual nature.

Dolphins and horses are associated with Sagittarius energy. 

Sagittarius is the Light of your Soul. 









Enjoy the astro reports and check out their  work,

Kyria ( with my Sag rising & moon) 

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Barbara Goldsmith’s info is under her videos

Pleidians speak of the New Moon – channeling via Barbara



Pam Gregory Astro report on Sagittarius New Moon

 see her info under her video






Are You Ready For Liberation? Are you Authentic? – Seit Ihr Bereit für Befreiung?

This message is meaningful today before the New Moon in Sagittarius 12-18-17

Diese Botschaft is jetzt sehr wichtig für den Neumond in Schütze am 18.12.17

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia

In Deutsch unten mit Lesung auf Video
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Dear Friends,
We are changing rapidly with the high frequencies coming to Mother Earth from the Great Central sun. Either we allow it to transform us smoothly by surrendering our ego’s will or we resist and bust! The Hopi Prophecy says: There is a River of Light flowing, flow with it . If you hold on to the shores, you will be torn apart. And you can see many going bananas lately who are not flowing and holding on to old ways.
We have Saturn in Sagittarius too, so that means, cleaning up our act…breaking down walls of old beliefs and all systems…having more discipline…finding new structures in our lives and in governmental laws. We can no longer just talk about being spiritually conscious and being love, we must walk our talk and…

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SOUL CODES in Sound & Light Language: Unite with your I AM Soul, Twin Flame – *SEELENCODES in Klang & Lichtsprache: Vereine mit ICH BIN, Zwillingsflamme

SOUL CODES – (Seelencodes – Blaupause der Seele in Klang & Lichtsprache)

Your Soul has a Sound & Light Language codes to identify you. This SOUL CODE Blueprint makes you a unique creation from source. These codes re-connect all levels of you – physical mind/heart to Higher I AM and Source. You connect more fully to your soul and purpose as you release blocks when you work with them.

Read here / Lesen sie hier:

SOUL CODES in Sound & Light Language: Unite with your I AM Soul, Twin Flame – *SEELENCODES in Klang & Lichtsprache: Vereine mit ICH BIN, Zwillingsflamme


Dear friends, today I share a blog from Austria – Lichtwelt Verlag – channeling of Master/Mother Mary through Jahn J Kassl.  

Blessings, Kyria –

Liebe Freunde, ich teile heute eine channeling von Meister/Mutter Maria durch Jahn J Kassl – Lichtweltverlag in Österreich ( deutsch unter dem english Text).

Sei gesegnet, Kyria  – 



Message from Master Mary

(Mother Mary)

Will humanity heal in divine light, and will the revelations regarding the ascension come true? Is it possible to motivate this humanity to turn around and change?


the day of answers to all this is about to come – and until then enjoy the many small steps that some individuals are taking to get closer to God, so that embracing yourself becomes possible.

Don’t focus on “the full range”, but focus on what is going on with the people closest to you these days, and – above all – what’s happening inside yourself.


is unraveling before your eyes in these apocalyptic days, and so I invite you today to open your eyes to those miracles.

Don’t just perceive all the bad in this world, but the beautiful, good and sublime that is spreading more and more despite tremendous wrongdoings of many people.

Catch sight of the world events in the eyes of the people you encounter. Release those people who continue to be trapped in old thought patterns, old emotional constructs and destructive behavior. Dedicate yourself to the observation of those who strive for perfection, and observe how they get closer to it, bit by bit, day by day.

Dwell – and this is the message – only briefly on those events happening worldwide that intimidate and scare people. Be aware that you should spend the majority of the day with fulfilling matters and thoughts.

Give the appropriate significance and attention to the upheavals of this time, but never dive so deep into this reality that you get lost in it.

It is very dangerous to forget the luminous, loving and beautiful aspects of life and reality that are revealed to you more and more each day.

It is a sin to see the bad and doubt the light or turn away when it shows itself.


Steer your attention into a new direction these days. Nothing shall irritate you, because the light is covering and protecting you as long as you stay connected with the center of all being – a connection that is achieved through inner peace.

So maintain this inner peace under all circumstances:

● Now this world is about to be unhinged, and nothing will last.

● Now this humanity is going to be confronted with its history and karma, and many won’t be able to bear this encounter.

● Now an era has come to an end, and a new time begins, with new human beings on a new earth, with new life in a new world.

Maintain your inner peace, protect your flame of transformation, and continue on your path towards the light.

Even if it seems to be all around you: leave the darkness behind.

God is omnipresent, and you find the creator in all people and on all paths of this world.

Beauty, light and joy – peace, light and grace:
Keep alive what nourishes you, and reject what impedes you.


German original


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From Jahn J Kassl

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Botschaft von Meister Maria


Wird die Menschheit im göttlichen Lichte heilen und werden sich die Offenbarungen, die den Aufstieg betreffen, erfüllen?

Ist es möglich, diese Menschheit zur Umkehr zu bewegen?


Geliebte Menschen,

es ist der Tag nahe, der darauf alle Antworten geben wird – und bis dahin erfreut euch an den vielen kleinen Schritten, die einzelne Menschen gehen, um Gott  näherzukommen, damit die Umarmung mit sich selbst möglich wird.

Spannt nicht immer den „großen Bogen“, sondern beachtet, was sich in eurem nächsten Umfeld mit dem Menschen in diesen Tagen ereignet und was – vor allem – in euch selbst geschieht.


breiten sich in dieser Endzeit vor euren Augen aus und so lade ich euch heute dazu ein, eure Augen dafür zu öffnen.

Nehmt nicht nur das Übel auf dieser Welt wahr, sondern das Schöne, Gute und Erhabene, das sich – trotz großer Verfehlungen vieler Menschen – immer mehr ausbreitet.

Erblickt das Weltgeschehen in den Augen jener Menschen, die euch begegnen. Lasst dabei jene Menschen los, die weiterhin in alten Denkweisen, in alten emotionalen Konstruktionen und in destruktiven Handlungsweisen gefangen sind. Widmet euch der Betrachtung jener, die die Vollkommenheit anstreben, und wie sie derselben jeden Tag ein klein wenig näherkommen.

Verweilt, und das ist die Botschaft, nur kurz bei jenen Tatsachen, die sich jetzt weltweit zeigen und die Menschen in die Furcht und in die Angst treiben. Seid euch bewusst, dass ihr den größeren Teil des Tages mit euch erfüllenden Angelegenheiten und Gedanken verbringen sollt.

Messt den Umwälzungen dieser Zeit angemessene Bedeutung und Aufmerksamkeit zu, steigt jedoch niemals so tief in diese Realität ein, dass ihr euch darin verlieren könntet.

Es ist eine große Gefahr, das Lichtvolle, das Liebevolle, die Schönheit des Lebens und die Wirklichkeit, die sich euch mit jedem Tage mehr zeigt, zu vergessen.

Es ist eine Sünde, das Böse zu sehen und das Lichtvolle in Zweifel zu ziehen oder den Blick abwenden, wenn es sich zeigt.


Lenkt eure Aufmerksamkeit in diesen Tagen in eine neue Richtung. Nichts soll euch irritieren, denn das Licht hüllt euch ein und schützt euch, solange ihr mit dem Zentrum allen Seins verbunden bleibt – eine Verbindung, die durch inneren Frieden erreicht wird. So bewahrt diesen inneren Frieden unter allen Umständen:

● Jetzt wird diese Welt aus den Angeln gehoben und nichts bleibt bestehen.
● Jetzt wird diese Menschheit mit ihrer Geschichte und ihrem Karma konfrontiert und viele werden diese Begegnung nicht ertragen können.
● Jetzt neigt sich eine Epoche dem Ende entgegen und eine neue Zeit beginnt, mit neuen Menschen auf einer neuen Erde, mit neuem Leben auf einer neuen Welt.

Bewahrt euren inneren Frieden, hütet eure Flamme der Transformation und schreitet weiter hin zum Licht.

Auch wenn sie euch zu umgeben scheint: Die Finsternis lasst hinter euch.

Gott ist allgegenwärtig und begegnet dir in allen Menschen und auf allen Wegen dieser Welt.

Schönheit, Licht und Freude – Frieden, Licht und Gnade: Halte lebendig, was dich nährt, und stoße ab, was dir das verwehrt.


channeling von Jahn J Kassl

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Full Moon Gemini – Mercury Retrograde – Symphony of Truth – December 3

Full Moon In Gemini – Mercury Retrograde
The Symphony Of Truth
by AstroButterfly 
The Full Moon in Gemini takes place on December 3rd, the same day that Mercury goes retrograde. This Full Moon is also a Supermoon, which means its energy is going to be amplified.
The Moon is most powerful when at Full Moon, when her light outshines the light of the Sun and our emotions are stronger than our Solar consciousness. Just look at the Full Moon. The Full Moon is honest, the Full Moon reveals herself entirely. When full, the Moon wants to expose everything, to show things as they really are.
The Full Moon on the 3rd of December is in Gemini, and will be all about illuminating the truth.
Full Moon Gemini Mercury Retro
But if you want to find it, get ready to get your mind blown.
The Full Moon is in an exact square to Neptune, forming a mutable T-square – we have the Moon (in Gemini), Sun (in Sagittarius), and Neptune (in Pisces). Facts (air, Gemini) come into conflict with our faith (fire, Sagittarius) and our emotions (water, Pisces).
In this symphony where the mind, the spirit and the feelings – all want to get their voice heard, it is worth noticing what keeps them together – that is, the mutable energy. Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are all mutable signs. The only constant is change.
Jazz is the only type of music characterized by spontaneity and improvisation. Jazz payers go on stage often without knowing what they are going to play. They have one thing in common: the willingness to listen and to adapt to what other members are playing, the ability to improvise, and as a result, they create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Jazz music in very Neptunian and Gemini-like in nature.
To tune into the Full Moon in Gemini you have to be a bit like a jazz player.
To say Neptune will make this Full Moon interesting is an understatement. Neptune is the abstract understanding of life. Where the mind fails to understand abstract concepts such as time, space, infinity, Neptune has the answers. But Neptune’s answers are not clear definitions, cook book recipes.
“Lady, if I told you, your mind would explode.” — Louis Armstrong, when a woman asked him what he thought about when he played
Neptune got the bad rap of planet of confusion and lies. But how many of Neptune’s lies are really lies? And how many are truths in disguise, truths we don’t want to accept because we don’t understand, and out of comfort, we label them as lies? Neptune is about going beyond the here and how, and beyond form and spirit.
The Neptune square to the Full Moon can make you doubt your own sanity, but if you push through, you can go through to the other side. You can finally understand things you were never able to understand before.
Let’s not forget that the Full Moon is in Gemini, the sign of the mind.
Gemini is all about observable facts. Gemini’s superpower is its ability to pay attention to what is going on and discover the world though immediate experience.
Remember when you were a child and you were curious about everything? Children learn how to speak, how to learn, how to relate to the world through trial and error. So does Gemini, and even when we grow up, our innate curiosity to explore and make sense of the world is what keeps us sane.
Sagittarius, on the other hand, believes without seeking evidence. Sagittarius is the sign of faith. If Gemini is Google, Sagittarius is Wikipedia. If Gemini is one detail at a time, Sagittarius is the big picture.
Sagittarius is the cook book recipe. It’s the news on television. Is the books you read, the ‘truths’ you don’t question.
The full Moon on the Gemini / Sagittarius axis is a quest for the truth. Do you explore the world in your terms (Gemini) and risk to have a one-side vision, or do you follow the tested path, with the risk that the path you walk is someone’s else (Sagittarius)? The Full Moon, which is an opposition, will strike to find a balance. As a result, you can have an epiphany.
You can have a sudden and striking realization, something you completely overlooked can finally come to place to give you an unblurred vision. Mercury, the ruler of the Full Moon, stands still in the sky in that very moment, preparing to turn retrograde.
When Mercury changes course its energy is the most powerful. Mercury turns retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius.
Sagittarius stands for the big picture, for the truth…or more exactly, what you believe to be the truth.
Retrogrades are about going back in time, to review and process events and dynamics that have not been fully processed. What knowledge have you taken for granted?
Mercury will walk the sky path from 30° Sagittarius back to 13° Sagittarius twice – firstly in retrograde from December 3rd until December 22nd to ‘fix the problems’. The 2nd time Mercury (now direct) will walk the path will be from December 22nd until January 10th.
Mercury goes retrograde exactly at the time of the Full Moon, just when he was about to complete his journey in Sagittarius.
Mercury in Sagittarius is about the big picture – Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius will ask you to de-construct the big picture and look at each individual piece of the puzzle. How do you arrive to conclusions? How does your mind really work?
Most of the time, our decisions are emotional, reptilian, and the mind just comes with a narrative to justify what our reptilian brain has already chosen.
Mercury will press the rewind button in the last degree of Sagittarius. “Wait a minute…just when I thought I got this right, just when I thought I am done with the Sagittarian lessons, there is still something that I don’t quite get”.
Right at the end of Sagittarius, Mercury is also conjunct Saturn, which is about to leave Sagittarius in the coming days. Before Saturn leaves Sagittarius for good, he passes the torch to Mercury and says: “Go back. See if you did not miss anything. But this time, take it slowly, be diligent and cautious just like I am. Don’t let anything escape your sight”.
Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius. The path he is asked to explore is awkward and unfamiliar. Not only that, but he has to walk it backwards. Not an easy task, but he has no choice. He needs to clear the path and sort things out.
This is not the path of knowledge as we know it. Mercury’s backwards journey in Sagittarius will expose a basic truth: you cannot ‘download’ knowledge, you cannot copy paste it, you cannot take it from someone else. You have to walk the path yourself.
Just imagine what would have happened if Adam and Eve hadn’t been tempted to eat off the tree of knowledge, hadn’t been seduced into taking a shortcut.
Today, in the era of instant gratification of knowledge, the message of the Full Moon in Gemini with Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn couldn’t be more actual: Take your time, do the research – you only get to knowledge through real experience, by walking the path yourself. There is no such thing as universal truth, you have to find your own.
The path of true knowledge combines Gemini’s quest for discovery with a beginner’s mind, with Sagittarius’ faith that we already have all the answers we need, and that the Universe has our back.
The coming weeks are a time to (re)discover the truth, beyond any stereotypical ideas and outdated beliefs, a truth that shines so bright that cannot be dimmed.
by Astro Butterlfy
Also see my own post on The Full Moon – look to the right column for last posts – Kyria

Full Moon Gemini-Sagittarius. A New You: Learning from your Wise Soul & Being the Light. Dec. 3, 2017

reblog – date is Dec 3.

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia

The December 3rd Super Full Moon is at 11 Degrees of the Gemini – Sagittarius Axis , so Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius.  If you have any planets or houses such as AC- DC at this line you should feel it. 

gemini-full-moonThe Sabian Symbol for the Moon at Gemini 11: NEWLY OPENED LANDS OFFER THE PIONEER NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR EXPERIENCE. So this time is for new beginnings and exciting new discoveries. 

Gemini is air sign. are the Twins who are curious and love to move and research and learn new things. They love to talk a lot, take short trips and flighty, not so deep encounters…like tasty testers of sorts. They need constant movement and informations, but may not synthesize and integrate all into a formula or concept. Gemini stands for communication.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Sagittarius at 11 decrees: THE LAMP OF PHYSICAL…

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Full Moon Gemini-Sagittarius. A New You: Learning from your Wise Soul & Being the Light. Dec. 3, 2017

The December 3rd Super Full Moon is at 11 Degrees of the Gemini – Sagittarius Axis , so Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius.  If you have any planets or houses such as AC- DC at this line you should feel it. 


The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at Gemini 11: NEWLY OPENED LANDS OFFER THE PIONEER NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR EXPERIENCE. So this time is for new beginnings and exciting new discoveries. 

Gemini is air sign. are the Twins who are curious and love to move and research and learn new things. They love to talk a lot, take short trips and flighty, not so deep encounters…like tasty testers of sorts. They need constant movement and informations, but may not synthesize and integrate all into a formula or concept. Gemini stands for communication.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Sagittarius at 11 decrees: THE LAMP OF PHYSICAL ENLIGHTENMENT AT THE LEFT TEMPLE. It is about the joy of tapping into ones inner light for self illumination. 

Sagittarius is a fire sign. Sag is wise, a observer, meditator and teacher. Sag is frank, speaks his/her truth, is enthusiastic, can be very humorous( or sarcastic as a comic) and loves international travel and culture. This energy is a philosophical one, it brings all the knowledge together into a synthesis so it can be taught or shared somehow or just kept for oneself to be a “knowing” one or an enlightened Guru. Sagittarius is THE LIGHT of SELF, after the dark tunnel of Scorpio where one had to dive deep into one self to let go of shadows and find ones truth. 

This Full Moon we can bring the Two energy qualities together – communication (Gemini) and listening to the wisdom within ( Sag. It is like breathing in and out – all need to be in balance. Enjoy learning and communicating,  and then create your own “something” of it all to share with others. 


Now let us do this Meditation:

Find a quiet place and sit comfortably and call your Master teacher, guides and angels (who ever you are connected with) and MOTHER -FATHER GOD at source and Mother Earth’s inner core.

SEE images for visualization. 


Imagine sitting inside a golden sphere of Light or Flower of Life sphere, with a shaft of light connecting you from heaven to earth.

Breathe in to your heart and breath out, slowly with thinking SO on in Breath and HUM on the out breath. ( this will relax and quite you down) 

Call the heavenly energies to enter you from above and the earthly energies from you below. 

Call in your Higher Self and I AM and Soul light above your head.

Fill your heart with cosmic light and sound and with mother earths love, and with your own soul light.

Then feel your heart getting warmer and warmer as your heart expands out of your body to infinity.

Now shine your heart fire to all around you, your neighborhood, City, country and Earth and all planets in all the heavens. 

Now allow, what ever the cosmos wishes to reflect back to you to enter your crown and down into your heart. Sit a while to receive.

Chant OM over and over ( at least 9 times)

See your light growing bigger and bigger and your self glowing. Now you are your soul love-light and can take it into the world of action.

Enjoy sharing it!


Love, Kyria


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