TWO HEARTS by Kyria Hava Kyrie – Kyria Mystica

Once upon a time
One soul’s heart split into two
Separately journeying through space and time
Learning of life and death

Meeting from time to time
Loosing each other again
In the darkness of evolution
Striving to bring light to all
Two lonely hearts
Searching for truth
Searching for love
Searching for each other
Feeling the other from afar
Seeing each other in dream space
Hearing the others whispers in the dark
Sensing a new kind of joy on the horizon
Each heart yearning to love the other heart
Each heart longing to embrace the other hearts body
Each heart wishing to share words of wisdom and love
Each heart’s music desiring to fuse into a symphony of light
In divine time
Two hearts shall have a reunion
To beat as one again
Igniting a passionate fire of creation
Two Hearts merging into one
Melting into Nirvana
In cosmic bliss
Enlightening all the world

Twin Lovers Tantra heart crp1
A Poetic Story of Twin Flames

Kyria Hava Kyrie
Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist

Music Of The Spheres – by Stefan Kervo

Music Of The Spheres

There is a great ancient mystery rooted in the mists of time, the secret of the Music of the Spheres. Pythagoras sent us this enigma and gave us the clue. The power of sound has been known since ancient Greece, and even before. What kind of power is it?

Musica universalis (lit. universal music, or music of the spheres) is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies -the Sun, the Moon and the planets- as a form of musica (the Medieval Latin name for music). This ‘music’ is not usually thought to be literally audible, but a harmonic and/or mathematical and/or religious concept. The idea continued to appeal to thinkers about music until the end of the Renaissance, influencing scholars of many kinds.


Musica universalis (lit. universal music, or music of the spheres) is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies -the Sun, the Moon and the planets- as a form of musica (the Medieval Latin name for music). This ‘music’ is not usually thought to be literally audible, but a harmonic and/or mathematical and/or religious concept. The idea continued to appeal to thinkers about music until the end of the Renaissance, influencing scholars of many kinds. (source)

Our industrious and mechanical time focused on a small aspect of sound science: the copy and conservation of sound. There are so many other things, many other properties of sound that are unknown to us, but that Ancient people perfectly knew. Some shrill sounds can break glass or crystal. The Bible mentions the destructive role of certain sound frequencies in the episode of the trumpets of Jericho: Joshua led the Jewish army against the Philistines retreated behind the high walls of Jericho…..

continue reading here – by Stefan Kervo


Shared and illustrated by

Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist

Kyria Hava Kyrie – Priestess of Melchizedek –

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Your Crystalline Body – Anatomy of the Monoatomic-Crystalline Body

Your bodies are changing from carbon based systems to monoatomic based systems. In the old system, you had to eat food to replace depleted carbon which is necessary for body functions. In the monatomic-crystalline system, you will power the body by Liquid Light. Your body will convert sunlight directly into electricity to power the body.


In the old system, you had a sodium and chloride (seawater) medium,
known as blood, and floating in it are atoms such as calcium, magnesium,
potassium and phosphorus. The monatomic-crystalline system has liquid
light, and floating in it is gold, silicon, selenite, platinum, and
other monoatomic atoms, such as, monatomic Tellurium, and a non-metallic
balance of Rhodium, Iridium, & rare-Earth Ormus minerals. The
monoatomic-crystalline body will convert sunlight directly into
electricity to power the body. It will require sunlight, not food.
Monocrystalline silicon is the receiver in the body and works in
conjunction with gold, palladium, and titanium in a medium of liquid light.
Cosmic Rays are the substrate and these come into the body through the
crown chakra. The Cosmic Rays hold the monoatomic elements and are
brought to the body in waves, which are like wind, that comes from the
Great Central Sun, and our local Sun, Sol. As the Cosmic Rays come down
they come into Earth and also into our monoatomic-crystalline bodies.

Layoesh Pillar Light earth god
All through the body are energy portals where the Cosmic Rays are
received and transmitted to the meridians, or electric channels of
light, running through the whole body. The meridians are laid down like
tracks, from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, and all
through the body. This “track” is a route for electricity to travel
through the body. This electricity is what will power the body functions.
The term ‘Ray” in Cosmic rays, is not completely true, since these are
transmitted as Cosmic Particles arriving individually, from outer space,
through Earth’s atmosphere and into each human-Galactic body. We receive
the particles from the Suns as well as events far out in our Universe.
We are effected by everything in All That Is.
There are now activations happening to open 24 physical DNA strands and
24 etheric DNA strands. These make up the physical-etheric body. It is the physical-etheric
bodies, working together, which makes traveling out of body,
invisibility, telepathy, teleportation, levitation, and other body
functions possible. We will be moving away from the old system of
mastication, digestion and elimination. That is old timeline and
involves other animal urges. We now are moving to the new body systems
which involves ionizing radiation. This involves the Sun’s solar wind
and the Earth’s magnetic field. These modulate the flux and flow of
Cosmic Rays to the monoatomic-crystalline body.

Diamand soul octahedron-1
The way these particles are used by the body can only be understood by
learning more about the 13th Gateway. The 13th Gateway describes the
energy portals running through the body. There are 13 wheels of light
located in the monoatomic-crystalline body. The thirteen chakras are:
the base, sacral, solar plexus, lower heart, middle heart, high heart,
third eye, crown, and four etheric chakras: the celestial, galactic,
universal and cosmic chakras which exit the body at the back– at the
level of the heart–surround the top of the head, and enter the body in
the front of the heart.
Each of the wheels of light take in the ionizing radiation they need to
function. When the monoatomic-crystalline body has all it needs, these
wheels of light work in harmony, with sound vibration and light combined
to exist in the matter environment of 5D Earth.
Whenever desired, the 5D physical vehicle may engage the 13th Gateway
and enter into the etheric-physical. When this engagement happens, the
13th Gateway is crossed through and this takes the
monoatomic-crystalline body from the physical realm into the
physical-etheric realm where antimatter is experienced.
How is this engagement accomplished?
When the subtle bodies are in alignment, the engagement is accomplished.
This requires being right with Self as well as being right with All That
Is. There must be balance to achieve this.
Next, One begins with an intention which elevates joy to its maximum,
being centered and focuses in love, optimizing the initiating thought
and making it a high priority. This is the equation necessary to make it all happen.
How it happens is, once the physical is cycling to physical-etheric,
light enters the crown, circulates around the 13 chakras, igniting the
three fold flame in the heart, and turning everything in the body to a
burst of light energetic. This is a pulsing light. It is an instant
conversion form matter to antimatter. This is a kind of reversal, or
flipping of light energy. It is the antimatter body which takes One out
of body to explore the Universe. This can be accomplished during
meditation or dream time. If you have not explored meditation yet, it is
possible, life may have more joy, if you incorporate this process into
your daily routine. Meditation is key in connecting with the 13th
Gateway. This is where the matter world of the lower 12 dimensions is
crossed into the 13th Dimension of antimatter. This engagement can
happen in an instant, with practice. It is not difficult to accomplish,
one must simply try, again and again, until they have a handle on it.
The monoatomic-crystalline body is much more efficient that the carbon
based body. It requires much less upkeep. It does not, ultimately,
require food. It does like to have a good amount of water. It does not
break down as easily as the other body and is essentially impervious to
disease. This is the immortal body system.
It is with the monoatomic-crystalline body, one may experience birth
from the light realm. It is with this body higher and higher levels of
co-creation are accomplished. There is a greater ability for instant
manifestation. The carbon based body travelled in a merkaba body and the
monoatomic-crystalline body travels in a merkiva body. The crystalline
merkiva can be found in the heart and One goes into this place of
consciousness in meditation to leave the physical body behind and enter
the physical-etheric body. This is the root of teleportation.
The conduit of energy running from the crown to the base chakra,
receives the Cosmic Rays into the body, where they are received and then
transmitted over the meridian systems and through the energy portal
Each organ has energy portals regulating the ionizing radiation and
converting it to energy. This makes a river of liquid light running
through the body. At the base–at the perineum–is a delta area where
this river of liquid light collects and pools, and then floats back up
to the top of the head, into the brain, via the cerebral spinal fluid.
The liquid light, the substrate, in the monoatomic-crystalline body,
runs from the top of the head, the alpha, to the bottom of the feet, the
omega. This pathway runs through the sun-star merkiva in the heart. This
is how the Source Energy, comes in on the Cosmic Rays, and is mixed with
the consciousness of love in the heart. Through this process, with the
equation of initiating thought and intention, with priority, desire, and
length of delay, is the basis for co-creation.

11/4/09~Metatron–The Anatomy of the Monoatomic-Crystalline Body

The Source Energy from Creation comes into the crown chakra at the top
of the head. The crown chakra opens and pulsates the same way a cervix expands and
opens to allow a child to be born out from the birth canal.Imagine an
expansion of the soft tissue of the scalp, relaxing and opening in a
circle, on top of the head.
The more it expands, the more light is allowed in. It is through this
crown that the Cosmic Rays pour in, feeding the monoatomic-crystalline
body all the monoatomic elements it needs to make electricity, and for
the substrate of liquid light, pouring into the conduit that runs the
length of the body. The conduit flows light Source Energy from the top
of the head, to the perineum. After the Source Energy enters the crown,
it floats in, like a mist, from the 13th Dimension, the 13th Gateway,
where antimatter exists. It translates and steps down into monoatomic
elements, like, silicon, selenite, platinum, helium, gold, and others.
It enters, as light energy into the exquisitely delicate energy portals
in the brain. These portals are transducers, as they receive and
transmit information from Consciousness and receive information from
These delicate brain portals are wired directly into the heart. The
mind- heart are simultaneously and synchronistically, working together
at all times. The conduit, running from the crown, into the brain,
brings light energy, from the formless form dimensions, into our bodies
and runs through the brain energy portals in a sequential flow:
1) The Crown2) The forward Parietal Lobe and rear Frontal Lobe3) The
Corpus Callosum (which is the frame around the conduit)4) The Pineal
Gland5) The Thalmus6) The Pituitary Gland (The Master Gland)7) The
Hypothalmus and the 8) The Hippocampus9) The Reptilian Brain (Cerebellum
and Brain Stem).
From there, the Source Energy flows into the spinal cord to be
transmitted along the nerve cells to all other areas of the body.It
passes through the Thyroid Gland, where it affects every part of the
immune system and breathing.
The largest portion goes directly form there into the merkiva, the
multipointed sun-star of the heart. This is a special four-chambered
womb which collects the Source Energy and infuses it with the
Consciousness of Love, also known as Christ Consciousness.
It flows down from there to the Pancreas (another energy portal)and into
the Sex Organs. Here it collects in a pool near the perineum, it pulses
out to the limbs and the turns around and returns up the Central
Conduit, and back out through the head.
There are two places of Zero Point in the monoatomic-crystalline body.
One is at the perineum. Imagine an infinity symbol beginning in the
head, the alpha, and ending in the feet, the omega, with the reverse
point at the perineum.

3 fold flame

Another Zero Point in the body is in the three fold flame in the heart.
There are three heart chakras, the lower heart, middle heart, and high
heart. These make up the three fold flame.
These are the centers in the body of Wisdom, Love, and Power.
The infinity symbol in the heart has its reverse point in the center of
the trifold flame. It extends out of the heart in the front, and in the
back. This connects the physical body with the etheric body. It also is
the powerhouse for the etheric chakras, which anchor in the heart and
circulate out over the head.
When One allows the Source Energy to combine with Christ Consciousness
in the heart center, and brings it through the liquid light conduit, to
the Zero Point, that is the moment we change from matter to antimatter.
This is when we leave and go out of body [OOB] or teleport, or become
invisible, or lay down our physical clothes in the dreamstate. The
monoatomic body has no requirements to break down nutrients, because it
no longer relies on the dense elements of potassium, sodium, chloride,
phosphorus, calcium. Eventually, when One becomes practiced at living
more on light, the digestive organs will begin to atrophy due to
underuse. This will not happen immediately, but over time. As less food
is taken in, there will be less waste, and less ability to store toxins,
and eventually, this body is disease-free and immortal. This is not
instant, but does happen quickly. The monoatomic-crystalline body is an
immortal body. As this body takes in the Light Energy from the Central
Sun and Cosmic Rays, our chakras increase their ability to hold light.
Our light quotient increases.
As this body increases its ability to flow Love Consciousness, or Christ
Consciousness through it, the love quotient increases. We can now have
our quotient levels at 100% and Ascend fully without leaving the
physical body. This works because the monoatomic-crystalline body has
the ability to carry and hold more light and more love. This will change
the body’s ability to share love. Love making will be better.
Love Making will include experiencing energies in all 13 chakras and
having orgasms in all the energy centers.
This is Cosmic Sex, and we all will have the ability to enjoy it. This
will contribute to knowing more and more love. In turn, our ability for
instant manifestation is manifoldly increased . This is because joy and
love play a very large factor in co-creation.
When the Source Energy pulses through our monoatomic-crystalline bodies,
through the central conduit, and then to our arms and legs, hands and
feet, it connects all of the energy portals running through meridians
from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.
Our meridian system is made up of 13 main meridians, running the length
of the body (including the lung, heart, and triple burner meridians) and
it is made up of 13 minor meridians which support the trunk area in
circles around the chest and back.
Along these meridians are approximately 400 energy portal transducer
sites balancing the flow of Source Energy, Cosmic Rays, and Christ
Consciousness in the monoatomic-crystalline body. These energy portals
connect the physical system to the nadis, which are the etheric energy
With the 48 strands of DNA, 24 physical + 24 etheric, activated, the
meridians are governed by the physical DNA and the nadis are governed by
the etheric DNA. The nadis allow the etheric Cosmic Energy to flow in an
out of the body in a pulsing formation.
The energy through the light centers, or chakras, governing the organs and glands, and the energy through the cosmic portals of the nadis governing the kundalini energy, rising and flowing in the central conduit, combine together in the approximately 400 energy portals where they blend into light and are the balance between the physical and etheric in the monoatomic-crystalline body.

by Beth Trutwin
Beth and Mark

Shared and illustrated by

Kyria Aluéla Lumina 

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We have released our Crosses! Wir haben unsere Kreuze losgelassen!

The past karma is gone, so do not speak of the past negative anymore and look forward to a life and Earth filled with only Love and Truth. See and strengthen only the positive in your life. Focus on creating conditions around you and your community that is filled with love, helpfulness, sharing, giving and the supporting of one another. When you serve the Divine Will ( Lord, God Great Spirit ) by listening to higher guidance, which really is your soul’s purpose, you will be supported as well and given more and more to be able to serve better. We will be given the strength to do it and the power to heal others by prayer and laying on hands in the name of the Lord ( or Jesus, Buddha), because we have followed the guidance of the Creator. Joy is then our reward because we are following our hearts and soul’s plan and our work will be more fun as well.
Many Blessings to you all in your efforts to create a new Earth of Love.

Kyria Hava Kyrie – Priestess of Melchizedek

Photo of the Blood Full Moon on 4.4.15
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Hurra, wir haben unsere Kreuze losgelassen!
Lassen wir das alte Karma los und sprechen wir nicht mehr von der Negativität der Vergangenheit sondern schauen wir vorwärts zu einem Leben und Erde voller Liebe und Wahrheit. Fokussieren wir uns auf die Gestaltung von Konditionen um uns und in unseren Gemeinden, die mit Liebe gefüllt sind, wo es das Teilen, Geben, Hilfsbereitschaft, Unterstützung untereinander gibt. Wenn wir uns bereit erklären dem göttlichen Willen zu dienen, in dem wir auf die Anleitungen der Göttlichkeit in unseren Gebeten oder in der Meditation horchen, werden wir auch die Unterstützung und Mittel bekommen, die wir benötigen um noch besser zu dienen. Es ist eigentlich unser Seelenplan es zu tun. Uns wird die Kraft und die Gaben gegeben, um dann auch andere zu beraten und zu heilen bei Handauflegung und Gebeten im Namen des Schöpfers ( Gott, Jesus, Buddha), weil wir die göttliche Führung folgen. Freude ist dann unser Geschenk da wir unserem Herzen und Seelenplan auch folgen und unsere Arbeit macht auch mehr spaß.

Sei gesegnet in deinen Bemühungen die neue Erde der Liebe zu gestalten.

Kyria Hava Kyrie – Priesterin von Melchisedek  ( aba Kyria Aluela Lumina)


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Our Resurrection into the 5.D. – Unsere Auferstehung zu der 5.D.




555 Love Reigns

Lord Sananda​ who is the Soul of the one who was incarnated as Joshua (Yeshua), demonstrated how the 5th dimension would be through his miracle workings, alchemy, levitation ( walking on water), loving Kindness and non judgemental behavior. He said to his followers, that all one day would be able to do what he did and much more. He taught about Love, forgiveness and how one could redeem oneself by repenting ones deviations from truth and love ( sin) and by asking forgiveness for negative things one did, then transforming all into good deeds to make good. Jesus showed all how with willpower and with faith in the Creator ( the Father), one could accomplish and overcome anything, even great suffering and the death of the physical body, which is not the death of the lightbody. The lightbody is eternal, therefore Jesus was able to rise from the appearance of physical death on the 3rd day, as his lightbody – the Christ-self or Adam Kadmon. The third millennium now in 2000 plus years, is the 3rd day from the higher viewpoint of the inner sanctum. Unfortunately, humanity needed to learn through many experiences along the timeline of the last 2000 years, that only love is important, and that only love for all things is truth. When one sees love in all there is, and feels only love for all things, then one is liberated from a lower consciousness and first then, one can be lifted into higher consciousness and ascend into the 5th dimension of unconditional love and miracles.

Blessed Resurrection

Kyria Hava Kyrie – Priestess of Melchizedek



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Der Aufstieg ist unsere Auferstehung in die 5. Dimension der Bedingungslosen Liebe

&  noch weitere Expansion zu noch höheren Dimension

Die Seele von Sananda, der als Jesus oder damals Joshua ( Yeshua) inkarniert oder fleischgeworden war, demonstrierte wie die 5.Dimension durch Wunderwirken und Alchemie sein wird. Er sagte, wir würden alles was er tun könne, auch mal machen können und noch mehr. Er lehrte uns Liebe und Vergebung, und zeigte uns wie man sich erlösen kann, wenn man Reue zeigt und sich bekehrt,in dem man seine unguten Taten zu guten Taten umwandelt. Er zeigte, wie wir mit Willenskraft alles schaffen und mit dem Glauben an Gott unseren Vater-Mutter-Schöpfergeist, sogar großes Leiden und den fleischlichen Tod, der kein Tod des Lichtkörpers sei, überwinden können. Der Lichtkörper ist ewig und so ist Jesus am 3.Tag​,​ als Lichtmensch oder Christus-Selbst auferstanden. Das dritte Millennium jetzt in den Jahren ist der 3.Tag wo wir alle auferstehen. Davon sprach er damals und hinterließ die Offenbarungen. Leider mussten wir doch sehr lange durch so viele Erfahrungen in den folgenden 2000 Jahren lernen, dass nur die Liebe wichtig ist, und dass die Liebe zu allem die Wahrheit ist. Wenn man Liebe in allem sieht, und nur Liebe zu allem fühlt, dann ist man frei und dann erst kann man in die 5.Dimension aufsteigen.

Gesegnete Auferstehung in die 5. Dimension


Kyria Hava Kyrie – Priesterin von Melchizedek

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“Der Prozess des Aufstiegs ~ Teil 1 und Teil 2 ~


Arkturianer/Galaktische Familie durch Suzanne Lie, 26. und 29. 03.2015
Übersetzung Shana
Die Arkturianer und Eure Galaktische Familie

Ruhig und introspektiv finden die Veränderungen langsam aber stetig in eurem Bewusstsein statt. Ihr beginnt jetzt in eurem täglichen Leben die “Zeit” zu verlieren und habt gleichzeitig kurze Erfahrungen im JETZT. Innerhalb der NICHT-Zeit des JETZT gibt es keine Erwartungen, Enttäuschungen, Misserfolge oder sogar Siege, denn dies sind alles Zeit-gebundene Konzepte. Ihr könnt vielleicht kurz diese Konzepte im JETZT fühlen, aber sie “leben” normalerweise in der Vergangenheit oder Gegenwart.

“Erwartungen” z. B. leben in der Zukunft, während “Enttäuschungen” in der Vergangenheit leben, “Versagen” ist eine Furcht, die aus der Vergangenheit plagen kann ober euch in der Zukunft erschrecken, und “Siege” sind etwas, was ihr aus der Vergangenheit festhaltet oder das ihr für die Zukunft hofft. Allerdings gibt es im JETZT keine Vergangenheit oder Zukunft. Das Leben in der 3. Dimension hat euch ausgebildet, in der Vergangenheit oder der Zukunft zu leben, aber es bietet sehr wenige Modelle an, im JETZT zu leben. Während ihr beginnt zu erleben, was sich fast wie ein eingefrorener Moment des JETZT anfühlt, ist es schwierig für euer 3D-Gehirn, es zu begreifen.

Die Verwirrung des 3D-Gehirns ist wichtig für euren Aufstiegs-Prozess, weil es euch daran erinnert, euer mehrdimensionales SELBST zu rufen. Zeit ist sehr attraktiv, weil sie vertraut ist. Auch ist es ganz leicht, sich in dem Konzept zu verlieren, weil etwas “vorher” oder “danach” kommt. Euer 3D-Gehirn ist gewöhnt Sequenzen zu folgen. Ohne Zeit koexistieren unzählige Wirklichkeiten im JETZT. Jedoch erscheinen diese Wirklichkeiten “getrennt” voneinander, wenn ihr sie über euer 3D-Bewusstsein erlebt. Aber wenn wir außerhalt von Zeit sind, gibt es keine vergangenen Erfahrungen oder künftigen Erwartungen. Alle Wirklichkeiten sind ins JETZT des EINEN eingeflochten. Wenn eure Wahrnehmungen auf die 3. Dimension beschränkt sind, seid ihr unfähig, den kunstvollen Gobelin des JETZT wahrzunehmen. Glücklicherweise werden eure höheren Wahrnehmungen wie Hellhören, Hellsehen und Hellfühlen über eure höheren Zustände des Bewusstseins online kommen, ihr werdet euch bewusst, dass es viele verschiedene Dimensionen gibt, sowie parallele und alternative Wirklichkeit, die alle innerhalb des gleichen JETZT laufen. Um genauer zu sein, alle eure Wirklichkeiten sind im JETZT des EINEN verflochten. Wenn ihr beginnt kurze Momente zu erleben, die mit dem EINEN verflochten werden, kann es wirklich sehr verwirrend, erstaunlich und atemberaubend sein. Vielleicht müsst ihr deshalb ein wenig “Zeit” schaffen, um euch an diese Neuausgabe der Wirklichkeit zu gewöhnen….

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