Truth about Twin Flames – Reunion of the Soul’s Feminine & Masculine Energies


A Soul was once created by the love of source …then it split into a feminine and masculine, the yin and yang soul twins…this is called Twin Flames.
Each of the twins went on separate journeys through time and space continuum, from star to star, planet to planet and some to earth….They long to find each other to share their experiences and learn from each other and to LOVE….

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Full Moon Scorpio- Buddha Blesses The Earth on Wesak

Dear Ones,

Today is a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio in the month of Taurus.

I definitely felt a big power surge in my body when it was exact and flimmering light codes in my third eye.

Buddha came to bless the earth and we will be fine if we don’t buy into the fear programs created by non- astute and ignorant ones. They need to  be blessed even more to be put in positions of harmlessness and exposed for the their crimes to Humanity. It is being taken care of by many lighted ones on earth and in higher dimensions.


Scorpio is Truth and the exposer and transformer. Scorpio will make you see your real face , its self recognition.

With Pluto Saturn and Jupiter next to each other , it’s really the TOWER and HANGED MAN card ..everything must be turned upside down and non functional systems must implode. It’s happening and better systems must be built by all of us in our own lives and by us participating in governments and agencies for the betterment of society, to create a “love and kindness”,compassionate and cooperative society. No more egocentricity and selfish living. It is the time of the song IMAGINE by John Lennon..all people sharing all the world.

Think about your life and how you can serve the greater good for EARTH and and create a new way of living. release the old outdated ways of your life and behavior . Help yourself by knowing your true self  and loving you and then help others. 

I suggest you all chant these days OM MANI PEME HUNG mantra for humanity as well as KADOISH KADOISH KADOISH Adonai Tsabayoth ..find these mantras on youtube and others you know. Just OMming is good too for longer periods. chanting lifts you and your neighborhoods and cities and country.

Here is a blog About the legend of WESAK or VESAK. follow it and recite the Decree from Tibetan Master Djwal Khul which you will see on the next link.

OM MANI PEME HUNG is a healing chant to release mind Poisons of humanity and others


Kyria Aluela


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Healing with Divine Soul Power & Message on #Covid-19 *Kyria Aluéla & Amma Karunamayi (Ayuvedic remedy)




Dear ones,

I share a video from Divine Mother Avatar  Karunamayi on #Covid19 with her views and a spice remedy from Ayuvedic medicine below and some divine mantras to chant.

Now Here is some of My research and knowing….

Heat, sun, high frequencies from light, sound, high vibrating healing mantras, herbs, spices, mental powers and your connection to your higher dimensional lightbody and soul power, can assist in driving any virus out of your system. Allow a fever to heat up the blood and lymph fluids to kill off all bacteria and viral bugs. Induce a fever with HOT spices such a Cloves, Garlic, Elderberry, Chamomile,  Turmeric for inflammation , Oil of oregano and many other plant based remedies from trees or leaves . this you can research and consult with Herbalists and Homepaths. I work with light and sound, the highest form of homeopathy as Yeshua did. He was vibrating in 5 D and higher dimensional frequencies.

You need to know. A Virus never kills its host, as it wants to live and transfer to survive. It is an entity and little creature with consciousness. It wants to be coughed out to spread, many good medical doctors say this. people who die, have a weak immune system and have allergic reactions to infiltrators.

If someone dies  or better said, transitions to higher dimensions leaving the body behind, their systems were weak and ready to the other dimensions anyhow. The big tsunami from many years ago sent 250,000 humans off planet in one day.

We have many more Human bodies on earth than souls, as a soul can create more than  one body. I will explain more another occasion .

Your Soul and Lightbody I AM is pure fire power and is perfect and can heal you , you just have to know how to access this power and use it. Plug into your soul and source of creation, our creator as Yeshua aka Jesus and Buddha knew to do. Then bring this power into your body. Do this in meditation.


Remember, panic and fear will,weaken your immune system. Rest , get sun, walk, exercise, take care of your body, take Vitamins and minerals.

Trust god or the abundant universe that it will provide for you just what you need and share your resources with less fortunate and be helpful to others and ask help too. Don’t be ashamed.

This epidemic will turn out to be a blessing in the long run. Humanity is to be learning again to be kind and good neighbors and take care of each other. Its time to see each other as brothers and sisters, children of the most high CREATOR SPIRIT Mother Father God or Allah or whatever name you have.
We are souls having a human experience, butnwe are much more than our physical body. We have a HOLY SELF in our hearts. We must allow this love to shine and work through us.

HU…chant HUGH ..Hu is God

HUman = Man/ WOman in the image of God


blessings dear ones

Kyria Aluéla

Soon, I’ll offer live seminars and webinars  and for now, you can do one on one coaching and healing sessions with me for anything you need released, including viruses.

I use Holographic healing with the Flower of Life and vocal Sound waves and Lightlanguage codes, We can activate your own healing powers and connect you with your soul and find your purpose.

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Medicine Buddha mantra


Mrityunjaya Mantra

Covid 19 Antibody Drug Breakthrough from Israel

Dear friends


about 5 weeks ago I was meditating and asking My higher dimensional master team about the 3 d cure and which country would get it first. I heard in my mind “Israel “


Yesterday 5/5/2020 and Today 5/6/ 2020 on youtube, I came across this breakthrough in Antibody Immunity Drug for Covid19 from Defense ministry of Israel amd in other reports Netherland and Italy are close too.  Just wanted to share this with you. Repost.

see video and article from WIO channel

I embrace you all in my hearts ❤️ love,

We are triumphant, don’t fear!

Kyria Aluéla

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Covid19 Real Cures for Infections & Diseases – 5th Dimension is Immunity


#Plant_medicine,  #light, #sound #frequencies for #healing 

Dear Ones,

God gave us everything to heal ourselves in nature. Plants, herbs, spices, sound, light, waves, frequencies. Special sounds and holographic healing drives viruses out. 

Zappers  help, Reif machines too.

The best is being a 5th Dimensional HUman vibrating in unconditional love wich is much higher than a 2nd Dimensional tini virus bug..tell it to take a hike! Don’t give it permission to infiltrate you, rebuke it!

If you live in 5 D, you are not in it’s space and are immune.

You must learn to activate your Adam Kadmon lightbody aka Merkaba and Omkabah.

Chanting high vibe mantras and toning in lightlanguage aka Tongues helps too.

Kick fear in the butt, say No to it.

Trust your I Am Soul and the Creator .

Don’t panic. fear lowers your frequency.

Be kind and loving. Share and help others.


I am available for sessions to learn and help heal and strengthen your immune system  with holographic healing and have an activation w sound codes to reach your highest potential.

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Kyria Aluéla

and see this #plant #remedy from Madagascar: