Covid19 Real Cures for Infections & Diseases – 5th Dimension is Immunity


#Plant_medicine,  #light, #sound #frequencies for #healing 

Dear Ones,

God gave us everything to heal ourselves in nature. Plants, herbs, spices, sound, light, waves, frequencies. Special sounds and holographic healing drives viruses out. 

Zappers  help, Reif machines too.

The best is being a 5th Dimensional HUman vibrating in unconditional love wich is much higher than a 2nd Dimensional tini virus bug..tell it to take a hike! Don’t give it permission to infiltrate you, rebuke it!

If you live in 5 D, you are not in it’s space and are immune.

You must learn to activate your Adam Kadmon lightbody aka Merkaba and Omkabah.

Chanting high vibe mantras and toning in lightlanguage aka Tongues helps too.

Kick fear in the butt, say No to it.

Trust your I Am Soul and the Creator .

Don’t panic. fear lowers your frequency.

Be kind and loving. Share and help others.


I am available for sessions to learn and help heal and strengthen your immune system  with holographic healing and have an activation w sound codes to reach your highest potential.

email me, see homepage for address

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Kyria Aluéla

and see this #plant #remedy from Madagascar:











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