Healing is release of Resistance to The Flow of Creation Love – No COVID19 fears

My dear Followers and newcomers

welcome to this blog.

I have been doing a longer Silent Time out which Has been really wonderful with little distraction. No social media. No TV…a little Youtube for world news and spiritual subjects. Much time in solitude by the ocean listening to my thoughts, Mother Nature, watching the sky, clouds, birds, fish jumping, the waves, feeling the sun, wind and rain. My nature observations amused and entertained me fully ! I didn’t miss clothes shopping , TV, Going to restaurants ( I’m a gourmet cook myself)., My joy has been the ocean ( Florida) during this CV so called pandemic. I do not fear this low vibrational bug at all..as I am LOVE, LIGHT and SOUND and vibrate much higher where these little bugs can’t live….I do use essential oils on my mask..peppermint and Eucalyptus mostly as the bugs don’t like it and stay away.

just a little hello today to tell you that I am YOUTUBE-ing later this year instead of writing and am Creating new sites and Patreon Community page and other online creations. I will post here when they are ready and you can go to the new sites from here.

I am offering Healings with Holographic Healing and Sound including Covid19 release personal channeling of guides and loved ones, Twinflame and relationship guidance, teachings ascension tools, Merkaba and Omkabah, Lightbody activation, Soulcodes as Initiation and soul purpose finding, karma release and DNA reprogramming and more

see all my offers on http://www.kyriamystica.com

write me an email for more information

see homepage

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