SECRET OF SOUND – Alchemy & Bridge of The Cosmic Realms



Ancient Masters such as Quan Yin, Pythagoras, Plato and other elders in different cultures throughout time, knew much about how sound works on our DNA and Cell Memory, how it connects our many aspects of our being, as well as builds a bridge between worlds and souls.


Sound carries vibrational information in each tone. Each note is a frequency of sound, color and light. Each frequency accessed a level of your lightbody and consciousness, therefore opening doors to your own soul knowledge. 

Specific sounds and syllables can shatter emotional and mental wounds, as well as traumas. The right sound can heal the body, open hearts and expand minds. Sound vibration penetrates through the cell membranes and directly effects the cytoplasm of every cell of the body. This is how we can reprogram the body, brain, emotional and mental body. Sound can change a person on a deep level and create new behavior and thought patterns.

Chanting mantras in one of the sacred key languages and toning in the Language of Light ( speaking Tongues), can assist one, if one knows the frequencies and codes to chant.


One example is the Mantra:




 OM or AUM is another easy chant.

It is the sound of creation the cosmos. 

AUM mmmm>>>>



Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist – Sound Healer 

aka Kyria Aluéla Lumina  – Priestess of Melchizedekia

Kyria’s vocal  frequencies and songs which she intuitively chants for her clients and audiences, unblock and allow the self healing process of each person to take over to complete the healing.

Kyria transmits your SOUL CODES  or Diamond Soul Codes, which is a key to open your divine self, heal, and shift you totally, to expand your consciousness and horizons and your DNA will be upgraded. Read more on this blog about SOUL CODES ( see link below). 

If you wish to have a session, contact her via her  email listed on

Testimonials and about SOUL CODES ( see link below)

“My session with Kyria Aluéla Lumina was amazing and truly individualized. The holographic component was very magical and provided shifts right away. Her mystical tones resonated to my soul. This component was helpful with blockages. The amount of transformation just from one session was amazing. She is very knowledgeable and passionate in what she does. I highly recommend!!! “-Debra


“Kyria transmitted my Soul Codes (Ascension codes) which has helped me in being more aligned with my soul purpose”. – Bhavna 

– Bhavna said to me, she saw sacred geometry and Yantras coming into her pineal (3rd Eye), and heard messages spoken to her higher-self in the light language, which the higher self understood during the session. She said to me when I followed up with her a week later, that she felt much more coming into her crown chakra and 3rd eye for many days after the transmission with me. She told me also that they helped her with her own healing work with her clients.


“My session with Kyria has lead me back to myself. I needed a little push of energy to help get me back in alignment and to help with my transformation at this time. Thank you again Kyria for the beautiful session we had together “. – M.A. ( re. Holographic Healing & Sound Transmission of Soul Codes ).


“Kyria’s session was palpable and dynamic. As she began the clearing process, I became aware of the subtle bodies releasing, expanding, becoming lighter with each wave of light and sound that moved through me. The initiation and chanting of the Soul Codes allowed me to move into recognizable depths of memory and remembering; tapping into a deep inner peace of knowingness, cosmic embodiment and connection”. – Heather W.

Read more about SOUL CODES here:



*YOUR LOVE DONATIONS IN APPRECIATION & SUPPORT FOR THIS SERVICE TO BE ABLE CONTINUE THESE UNCONDITIONAL OFFERINGS are welcomed in gratitude. It assists me in creating Children’s programs, CDs with sound healing codes for ascension and helps those less fortunate to receive teachings who can not afford classes.

Anything you give from your heart is fine.

write  me a email  see on homepage and I will send you Details how to donate

I offer only the highest vibrational messages of love and truth on this Page which is dedicated to ASCENSION teachings and news and my own wisdom teachings and messages I receive from Higher dimensional Masters of Light and Sound.

Thank You for your support and kindness.

– Kyria Alu’ela Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia

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